Exam paper

KFL 4000: Exam Spring 2013


27 May at 09:00 to 30 May at 14:00

Length: see description below. References are not included.



i) Give a short summary of your project description (ca. 800-1000 characters, including spaces)


ii) Then briefly reflect on the process so far.  To which extent has your own understanding of knowledge production and/or the usefulness of theoretical perspectives developed? What do you see as the most important challenges at this point? (ca. 2300 characters, not including spaces)


iii) Discuss in which ways your project description would change if you used an alternative methodology or theoretical perspective. What are the implications for the thesis statement, the object of study, the understanding of gender and ethical perspectives? Which challenges are solved and which are created through this alternative approach? What perspectives would such a different methodology or theoretical perspective enable and what might it conceal?  (ca. 6-8 pages, 2300 characters per page, not including spaces).


In your discussion, please refer to a minimum of three texts from the syllabus (KFL 4000).




In order to take the exam, students must have completed the following requirements:
- The mandatory participation requirement (80%)
- Mandatory oral presentations of course texts and the project description
- The project description must be completed and approved.
- An individual reading list must be approved.
The exam will consist of: A three day take-home exam written in English or a Scandinavian language on a given topic.

The exam must have a length of min. 8 and max. 10 pages, (2300 characters per page (not counting spaces) references in addition).


Candidatenumber is to be found in studentweb!

Handed out at fronter at May27th 9AM


handed in in fronter at May 30th at 2PM


If you have any questions please send a mail to hellepg@stk.uio.no

Remember to sign the obligatory statement as well

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