Syllabus/achievement requirements

Required reading


The articles in the syllabus list are gathered in compendiums which you can buy in the bookshop, in the basement of Akademika/Kopiutsalget, Blindern. Titles with links may be downloaded via your University of Oslo server

Acker, Joan: Hierarchies, jobs, bodies: A theory of gendered organisations: Gender and Society, 4, 2, 1990. 131-158 (27 pages). link (pdf).

Allen, Sister Prudence i: The Concept of Woman – The Aristotelean Revolution 750 BC – AD 1250, 1985. Eden Press. The victory of the Aristotelean revolution, p 468-73 (5 pages).

Attwood, Feona in Attwood, Feona ed. : Mainstreaming Sex: The Sexualisation of Western Culture , 2009. London: Tauris . pp. xiii-xxiv (16 pages).

Beasly, Christine: Rethinking Hegemonic Masculinity in a Globalizing World. Men and masculinities , 2008. 11, 1, p. 86-103 (17 pages). link (pdf).

Bennett, Judith M: History matters. Patriarchy and the Challenge of Feminism , 2006. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press . (extracts pp 6-19, 54-60).

Borchorst Anette and Birte Siim in: Feminist Theory, 2008, Vol9, (2). Sage Publications. Women-friendly policies and state feminism. Theorizing Scandinavian gender equality. pp 207-224, 17 pages. link.

Braidotti, Rosi in Griffin, Gabriele and Braidotti, Rosi: Thinking Differently, 2002. London: Zed Books . Identity, Subjectivity and Difference: A Critical Genealogy, pp 158-178 (20 pages).

Butler Judith in Phillips Anne (ed.): Feminism and Politics, 2001. Feminism and Politics. Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire, pp. 273-291 (18 pages) .

Cahill, Ann in : Hypatia, 2000, 15, 1. Foucault, Rape, and the Construction of the Feminine Body, 43-63 (20 pages) . link.

CEDAW convention, (5 pages). link.

Crenshaw, Kimberle Williams in Crenshaw Kimberle, Neil Gotanda, Gary Peller and Kendall Thomas (ed.): Critical Race Theory. The Key Writings that Formed the Movement , 1995. The New Press. Mapping the Margins: Intersectionality, Identity Politics and Violence Against Women of Color, pp.357-383 (36 pages) Jfr. link (pdf).

Connell R.W.: Masculinities, 1995. Polity Press. The Social Organization of Masculinity, pp. 67-86 (19 pages).

Connell R.W.: Southern Theory, 2007. Cambridge: Polity Press. Modern general theory and its hidden assumptions, pp 27-48 (21 pages).

Dahlerup, Drude: International Feminist Journal of Politics 10:3, 2008. Taylor & Francis. Gender Quotas – Controversial but Trendy, pp. 322 – 328 (6 pages). link.

Davidoff, Leonore: Worlds Between. Historical Perspectives on Gender and Class, 1995. New York: Routledge. Regarding Some ‘Old Husband’s Tales’: Public and Private in Feminist History. p 227-265, (38 pages) .

Dubber, Markus Dirk: The Police Power. Patriarchy and the Foundations of American Government, 2005. Columbia Univ Press. Police as patria potestas, pp 3-28 (25 pages).

Edwards, Tim: Cultures of Masculinity, 2006. London: Routledge. Violence and violation – men, masculinity and power, pp 44-63 (19 pages).

Foucault, Michel : The History of Sexuality, vol 1, 1984. Scientia Sexualis, pp 53-73 (20 pages). link.

Fraser Nancy: Justice Interruptus. Critical Refelctions on the “Postsocialist” Condition, 1997. Routledge. From Redistribution to Recognition? Dilemmas of Justice, pp11-39 (28 pages).

Fraser Nancy: Scales of Justice. Reimagining Political Space in a Globalizing World, 2008. Polity Press. Reframing Justice in a Globalizing World, pp12-20 (8 pages).

Haavind, Hanne in Fehr, Drude von der et al. (eds.): Is there a Nordic Feminism? Nordic feminist thought on culture and society, 1998. London: UCL Press. pp 243-271 (28 pages) .

Halsaa, Beatrice In Jones, Kathleen & Karlsson, Gunnel (eds): Gender and the Interests of Love. Essays in honour of Anna G. Jonasdottir, 2008. Centrum for feministiska samhallsstudier 8, Ørebro . A Passion for Love. pp 43-70 (27 pages).

Hernes Helga: Welfare State and Women Power. Essays in State Feminism, 1987. Oslo: Norwegian University Press . Introduction, and The Welfare State Citizenship of Scandinavian Women, pp 9-29, 135-163 (48 pages).

Hirdman, Yvonne In Tayo Andreasen (ed.) : Moving on, 1991. Aarhus: University Press. The gender system, pp 187-207 (20 pages).

Holter, Harriet: Sex Roles and Social Structure, 1970. Universitetsforlaget ,Oslo . Sex Roles and Social Differentiation, pp 9-53 (44 pages).

Holter, Harriet (ed): Patriarchy in a welfare society, 1984. University Press, Oslo . Women’s research and social theory, pp 9-25 (17 pages).

Holter, Øystein Gullvåg in Berg, Anne Marie; Eikeland, Olav (eds): Action Research and Organization Theory, 2008. Gender and action research, pp 167-90 (23 pages).

Holter, Øystein Gullvåg : Gender, Patriarchy and Capitalism, 1997. WRI, Oslo . Looking for causes, 285-90, On patriarchal strategy p 383-87, Three patriarchal contexts of modern society p 408-12, 23 pages.

Holter, Øystein Gullvåg in: NORMA 4, 2009. Power and structure in studies of men and masculinities, 132-150 (18 pages). link.

Jonasdottir, Anna G: In: Why Women are Oppressed, 1994. Temple University Press, Philadelphia . Constructive theses, pp 217-227 (10 pages).

Joyce, Rosemary: Rosemary: Ancient bodies, ancient lives, 2008. Thames and Hudson, London . Introduction p 6-21, Understanding sex and gender biologically p 43-45, Goddesses, matriarchs and manly-hearted women p 46-55, (26 pages) .

Lukes, Steven: Power – A Radical View (second edition), 2005. Palgrave, New York. Power, freedom and reason, pp 60-107 (47 pages).

Lyng, Selma Therese in Lewis, P. and Simpson, R. (eds.): Revealing and Concealing Gender: Issues of Visibility in Organizations, 2010. Palgrave. “Mothered” and othered. (In)visibility of care responsibility and gender in the processes of excluding women from Norwegian law firms, (25 pages).

Merton, Robert in: Annual Review of Sociology, 13, 1987. Three Fragments from a Sociologist's Notebooks: Establishing the Phenomenon, Specified Ignorance and Strategic Research Materials, pp. 1-28, (27 pages) . link.

Moi, Toril: "Appropriating Bourdieu: Feminist Theory and Pierre Bordieu's Sociology of Culture " in What is a Woman? And older essays, 1999. Oxford University Press. Chapter 3, pp 264-299 (35 pages).

Mulinari, Diana, Suvi Keskinen, Sari Irni and Sella Tuori: Complying with Colonialism, 2009. Ashgate. Introduction: Postcolonailism and the Nordic Models of Welfare and Gender, pp1-16 (16 pages).

Nielsen, Harriet Bjerrum & Rudberg, Monica in: NORA 2&3, 2007. Fun in gender – youth and sexuality, class and generation, pp. 100-113 (13 pages). link.

Reeser, Todd : Masculinities in Theory, 2010. Wiley Blackwel . Theorizing masculinity, pp 17-54, (37 pages) .

Rubin, Gayle: Lewin, Feminist Anthropology: A Reader , 2006. Blackwell. The Traffic in Women: Towards a Political Economy of Sex, pp 157-210, (53 pages) .

Scott, Joan W: Feminist Studies Vol 14 No 1, 1988. Deconstructing Equality Versus Difference: Or the Uses of Poststructuralist Theory for Feminism, pp 33-50 (17 pages). link.

Siim, Birte and Hege Skjeie : Ethnicities, 2008:8. Tracks, intersections and dead ends: Multicultural challenges to state feminism in Denmark and Norway, pp. 322-344 (22 pages). link.

Skjeie, Hege and Mari Teigen in: NORA – Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research , 2005. Political Constructions of Gender Equality: Travelling Towards… a Gender Balanced Society?, pp. 187 – 197 (10 pages) . link.

Solheim, Jorun in Holter, Ø. G.; Borchgrevink, T. (eds) : Labour of Love – Beyond the Self-evidence of Everyday Life, 1995. Avebury, Aldershot . Shelter from the Storm, pp 45-69 (24 pages).

Squires, Judith ed.: The New Politics of Gender Equality, 2007. Palgrave Macmillan. Equality Strategies: Quotas, Policy Agencies and Mainstreaming, pp 21-51 (30 pages) .

Therborn, Gøran: Between Love and Power. Family in the world 1900-2000, 2004. Routledge, London . Introduction, pp 1-12, 17-29, 301-6 (29 pages).

Walby, Sylvia: Theorizing Patriarchy , 1990. Blackwell, Oxford . Introduction, pp 1-24, (24 pages) .

Young Iris Marion in Phillips Anne (ed.): Feminism and Politics, 2001. Oxford University Press. Polity and Group Difference: A Critique of the Ideal of Universal Citizenship, pp 401-429 (28 pages).

Zizek, Slavoj: The sublime object of ideology, 1989. Verso, London. How did Marx invent the symptom, extract, pp 11-30 (19 pages).

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