Exam paper

2 December at 09:00 to 5 December at 14:00

In order to take the exam, students must have completed the following requirements:

The exam will consist of: A three day take-home exam on a given topic. The exam must have a length of min. 8 and max. 10 pages, (2300 characters per page (not counting spaces) references in addition, line space: 1,5).

Please fill out and sign http://www.uio.no/english/studies/admin/examinations/cheating/index.html

Declaration concerning cheating and put in the map for this.

Remember front page at the exam paper, with candidate number, date and curse code!

2 December at 09:00 to 5 December at 14:00





Exam :

The students are supposed to answer all the questions (1, 2 and 3)

  Power is a major topic in the curriculum.  The exam has
three parts,
         relating to power (you must do all three).

         1:  Describe how various forms power or influence are
discussed in at least
         three curriculum texts.

         2:  Discuss how concepts of patriarchy, gender power, male
norm (and similar power concepts)
         are used in the curriculum texts.  Discuss advantages and
disadvantages of
         these concepts. Use at least four curriculum texts (other
than the texts
         under part 1).

         3:  Select a topic that interests you and is well represented
in the
         curriculum. Discuss how power appears and can be analysed in
this context
         (possible topics include but are not limited to working
life, political participation,
         family and sexuality).

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