Exam KFL4050 Theorising Gender Equality

Autumn 2014


November 17 9AM to November 20 2PM.


The exam will consist of: A three day take-home exam on a given topic. The exam must have a length of min. 8 and max. 10 pages, (2300 characters per page (not counting spaces) references in addition).

Remember front page with candidatenumber, date and course code.

Submit in Fronter in the Exam folder.

Language of examination

The examination text is given in English, and you submit your response in English.



In the paper "On the Oppression of Women the Oppression of Men and Master-Suppression Techniques" (1976), Harriet Holter asked whether the oppression of women could be seen as an expression of the oppression of men.

She argued that, "In a competitive society where men hold the majority of power positions and the majority of resources, relationships between men become the central contradiction.  Changes in men's relationships to men lead to changes in men's relationships to women."


1 Present some examples from the curriculum where this hypothesis may be relevant, including texts that discuss men and masculinities.


2 Present some examples where the oppression of women is seen as a more independent process or described as a process on its own.


3 Discuss the two views, their relative merits, and whether they can be combined.


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