Semester page for SUM4012 - Spring 2007

Important notice re. exam papers (SUM 4012) and lecture on 25 April (SUM 4011)

Dear all, We have finished grading your exam papers and the marks are now available in SUM's reception. However, the essays and proposed grades have to be sent to an external examiner for final approval. Hence both the final grades and our written comments on the papers will be available on Monday 24 April after lunch. After this, you may come to collect the written comments and your final grade in the reception when it suits you. We apologize for this delay.

Those who are taking SUM 4011 (Interdisciplinary Research Methodology) please note that Nina Witoszek's lecture on Tuesday 25 April is CANCELLED. This means that there will be a slight slippage in the lecture schedule: Nina's first lecture will be held on Thursday 27 April between 14.15-16.00, and her second session on Tuesday 2 May. Tanja's first lecture starts on Thursday 4 May. Best wishes Tanja

Apr. 20, 2006 5:02 PM

The results from this spring's exam will be ready on Monday, April 24th. You may phone SUM's reception (22 85 89 00) to have the final mark or wait until the results are published in Studweb. Also, we shall provide each student with written feedback on the two essays.

We wish you all a happy Easter holiday and look forward to seeing you in the next course! Take time to relax a bit, and then; keep up the good work!

Kind regards Nina and Tanja

Apr. 4, 2006 12:06 PM

Exam questions:

1) "In what ways do cultural perceptions of and attitudes to the environment influence development in poor countries?"

2) Environmentalists all over the world have been bewildered by Norway's refusal to cease whale hunting. Is the Norwegian stance >motivated solely by economic considerations, or is there a cultural explanation of the Norwegian recalcitrance? Discuss the question using the "Norwegian nature tradition" as a starting point.

Each student: Write 2 mini essays, max 4 pages each (11/2 line space). While writing please stick to the following simple structure: 1) State your thesis/hypothesis 2) Make a coherent argument 3) Conclude

The exam is to be sent by e-mail to Nina and Tanja before 24.00 on March 23.

Mar. 10, 2006 4:08 PM