Teaching plan

DateTeacherPlaceTopicLecture notes / comments
13.10.2010Hal Wilhite  SUM, 4th floor 12.15 -14.00  Introduction: What is consumption and how do we study it? What are the challenges for sustainability  Readings: Miller, Princeton et al, Wilhite ch 1, Carrier and Miller 
14.10.2010Monica Guillen  SUM 4th floor. 10.15 - 12.00   Seminar   
19.10.2010Hal Wilhite  SUM, 4th floor. 10.15-12.00  Consumption as performance  Readings: Cambell, Rojek, Wilhite and Lutzenhiser 
21.10.2010Monica Guillen  SUM 4th floor 10.15- 12.00   Seminar   
26.10.2010Monica Guillen  SUM, 4th floor. 10.15 - 12.00   Sustainable consumption and wellbeing  Readings: Layard Ch 4 and Schor Ch 6 
28.11.2007Desmond McNeill/ Hal Wilhite  SUM 4th floor 10.15 - 1200  Lecture 1: Competing economic theories. Lecture 2:Social and material perspectives on demand  First lecture: Readings Fine Ch 3 and 4

Second lecture: Readings: Shove et al, Veerbek 

28.10.2010Monica Guillen  SUM, 4th floor 12.15-14.00  Seminar   
02.11.2010Hal Wilhite  SUM 4th floor 10.15- 12.00  Globalizing consumption  Readings: Wilhite Ch 7, 8 and 9 
04.11.2010Hal Wilhite  SUM 4th floor, 10.15-12.00  The importance of family   Readings: Wilhite Ch 4, 5 and 6. Winther Ch 8 
04.11.2010Monica Guillen  SUM, 4th floor. 12.15-14.00  Seminar   
11.11.2010Hal Wilhite  SUM, 4th floor. 10.15-12.00  Consumption as practice  Readings: To be handed out 
11.10.2010Monica Guillen  SUM, 4th floor. 13.15-15.00  Seminar   
19.11.2010Exam due date! To be delivered before 15.00.      Former exam questions 
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