Semesterside for KONS2021 - Høst 2003

Observer at undervisningen onsdag 19. november begynner allerede klokken 13:15 og varer til klokken 16:00. Undervisningen finner sted på Norsk Folkemuseum.

19. nov. 2003 01:00

Lecture (7) 26th november: the topic has now changed from Risk assessment to a class tutorial (same place, same time). We will be going through the exercises handed out during the course to clarify any problems that you may have. To make this as useful as possible, we encourage you to let us know about any difficulties you may have before this date. In addition, we will be discussing the exam format and there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions about the pensum.

Please note that you will not need to revise the pensum on risk assessment and cost benefit analysis for the exam.

30. okt. 2003 01:00