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26.01.2004Jilleen Naldolny  Blindernveien 11, seminarrom 2 (Bv11, 2)  Introduction. The changing definition of the painter through history and the different sources of evidence for painting technique  14.15-16 
27.01.2004Jilleen Naldolny  Bv11, 2  Structure of paintings: supports to varnishes  14.15-16 
23.02.2004Jilleen Naldolny  Bv11, 2  The application of scientific analysis to the study of historical painting technique  14.15-16 
24.02.2004Unn Plahter (guest lecturer)  Bv11, 2  Medieval techniques to 1350  14.15-16 
22.03.2004Jilleen Naldolny  Bv11, 2  Gilding in the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance  14.15-16 
23.03.2004Jilleen Naldolny  Bv11, 2  Documentary materials for the study of medieval technique. Part I: Guild ordinances and the workshop. Part II: Treatises for Medieval Technique  14.15-16 
19.04.2004Jilleen Naldolny  Bv11, 2  The Renaissance and Mannerism  14.15-16 
20.04.2004Ernst van der Wetering (guest lecturer)  Bv11, 2  The 17th and 18th Centuries  14.15-16 
10.05.2004Jilleen Naldolny  Bv11, 2  The 18th and 19th Centuries  14.15-16 
11.05.2004Tom Learner (guest lecturer)  Georg Sverdrups hus, aud. 2  Contemporary and Modern Painting  14.15-16 
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