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ANT2700 = ANT4700:

Homer, Odyssey. Translated by Robert Fagles. 1996. ISBN 978-0140268867.

Sophocles, The Three Theban Plays: Antigone, Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus. Translated by Robert Fagles. 1982/84. ISBN 978-0140444254.

Plato, Phaedrus. Translated by Robin Waterfield. 2009. 978-0199554027.

Achilles Tatius, Leucippe and Cleitophon. Translated by Tim Whitmarsh. 2003. 978-0192804273.

Virgil, Aeneid. Transl. Stanley Lombardo. 2005. ISBN 978-0872207318.

Ovid, Metamorphoses. Transl. Rolfe Humphries. 1983. ISBN 978-0253200013.

All the above-mentioned books have to be bought and read from beginning to end (incl. introductions etc.). Further compulsory teaching material (secondary reading, ppp presentations, podcasts, etc.) will be made available on Fronter in the course of the semester. Students are required to check Fronter on a regular basis to this end.


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