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Exphil I - History of Philosophy and Science

History of Philosophy and Science. A Selection of Basic Texts for Examen Philosophicum, 2003. UniPub AS.

Plato: Meno, Phaedo, Republic

Aristotle: Metaphysics, Nichomachean Ethics

Descartes: Discourse on Method (both selections)

Hume: Enquiry, Treatise (introduction)

Kant: Critique of Pure Reason (both selections) + Book I, Met. Foundation of Morals (extra text will be supplied)

Dawkins, Heisenberg, Butterfield, Merton: Optional

Gadamer: The Circle of Understanding (extra text will be supplied)

Commentaries to the History of Philosophy and Science, 2003. UniPub AS.

Reeve, Dancy, Dicker, Humber, Meerbote, Outhwaite: Commentaries to various philosophers

Feynman: Basic text physics

Jones: Basic text biology/evolution

Carr: Basic text history

Giddens: Basic text social sciences

Exphil II - Ethics

Ethics. Basic texts for Examen Philosophicum in English. , 2003. UniPub AS.

Feldman: Relativism

Beauchamp: Mill and Utilitarian Theories

Davis: Contemporary Deontology

Foot: Virtues and Vices

Jaggar: Feminist Ethics

Singer: Taking Life, The Environment, All Animals are Equal

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