EXPHIL03E – Postponed exams


This applies to all applications pertaining to postponed exams

Use the appropriate application form, and enclose the required documentation. Applications not accompanied by required documentation may be discarded without further notice.

In cases where documentation is required any legitimate absence must always be documented through a doctor’s notice. This notice must be in the original, or a confirmed copy, stamped and signed by your doctor. The notice must clearly state that you have a legitimate reason to be absent on that particular day, and the notice must not have been issued later than two days after that particular day.

Due to time restrictions we require all applications to be submitted to the institute within the given deadlines. If you are mailing your application you must therefore get it stamped by the post office no later than two working days prior to the deadline. Do not send applications as registered mail, as these take longer to reach us.

Processing your application will normally take one to two weeks, and you will be able to see your new exam date in Studentweb after this period. We do not respond to applications in writing.

Application form for postponing exams or paper submission can be obtained from the institute office in Niels Treschows hus room 407.

Legitimate absence from, or failed test 14th December
Students who fail the test, or who are legitimately absent from the test 14th December due to illness will be offered a new/postponed test in January. Please note that no further tests will be held. This means that if you are absent due to illness on the first test, and subsequently fail the postponed test – or vice versa – you will need to retake the course in the following term.

If you are absent due to illness or any other legitimate reason from the initial test, you may apply to be admitted to a postponed test. The application form must reach the institute no later than 20th December. Absence due to illness must be documented through a doctor’s notice, as described above.

Students who fail the test will automatically be signed up for the postponed test in January.

The date for the postponed test will be January 9th.