Multiple-choice test

The multiple-choice test is not an exam but an obligatory activity which has to be approved before your essay can be evaluated.

The test is held in the final week of the teaching scedule, at the same time and place as the seminars.

You have 30 minutes to answer 24 multiple choice questions, 14 from Part I and 10 from Part II - you must have at least 16 correct answers to get the approval.

If you have an exam in another subject at the same time as the multiple-choice test, ask your teacher if you could take the test with some of her/his other groups. If not, contact IFIKK ekspedisjonskontor.

Postponed/the second attempt at the multiple-choice test

If you did not get the minimum of 16 correct answers on your test you will be automatically signed up for the next one – you will receive the information about the place and time via e-mail.






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