Information regarding the essays

Distribution of essay assignments

Students writing their essays on the History of Philosophy and Science, will get the subjects distributed during the third week of classes (January 28th - February 1st), and the deadline for handing in the essays is March 26th.

Students writing their essays on Ethics, will get the subjects distributed during the tenth week of classes (March 31st - April 4th), and the deadline for handing in the essays is May 16th.

Further details regarding the distribution of essay subjects are the responsibility of each teacher, and questions regarding this should be directed to him/her.


Formal requirements

The essay should be between 2800 and 3200 words long, including footnotes, but not the bibliography. The subject text must be quoted in full at the beginning of the essay, and will not be included in the calculation of the essay length.


Handing the essays in

The essays are not to be handed in to the teacher, but to the front office on the 4th floor of Niels Treschows hus, before 2pm on the day of the deadline. The essays must be handed in physically, and are not considered handed in unless they have been registered as received by the front office. When handing in the essays, a particular front page is to be used. This can be downloaded here – see bottom of the page – or be obtained from the front office. If you arrange for someone else to hand in the essay on your behalf, it is particularly important that you sign the declaration regarding examination offence on this front page in advance.

Students writing on a subject which has been taught prior to the distribution of the subjects, or a subject which is being taught so late that they are unable to draw any kind of benefit from this teaching in their work, are entitled to additional academic tutoring. This additional tutoring should be arranged directly between teacher and student.

The fact that you have been present at the time of the distribution of the subjects, or that you have started writing the essay, does not automatically qualify you to hand the essay in. Being enlisted in the seminar group and having been present at the minimum number of classes required, are both prerequisites for entering this exam.