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Practical information concerning teaching and semester essays


The teaching starts during week 3, Tuesday 14th January. The teaching consists of lectures and seminars. Participation in the lectures is voluntary, but recommended. Participation in the seminars is obligatory.

The required minimum attendance in the seminars is five of the first eight weeks and four of the last six weeks of teaching. Further absence is not tolerated under any circumstances. If you fail to attain the minimum attendance you will lose the right to have your semester essay graded. Too much absence during part I (History of Philosophy and Science), will immediately lead to a loss of right to further participation in the course.

Qualifying multiple choice test (MC-test)

There will be held a qualifying multiple choice test during the last week of teaching, week 20Wednesday 14. May. The test will be held during the last seminar at the same time and place as usual. You have 30 minutes to complete the test. The test consists of 24 questions. At least 16 questions must be right for the test to be accepted as satisfactory. If your test is not satisfactory the first time, you will be offered a second attempt.

The test must be accepted as satisfactory for your semester essay to be graded.

It is crucial that you contact the department's general office about one week before, if you have an exam in a different subject the same day as the MC-test. The same requirements apply for a deferred MC-test, as a deferred deadline for the semester essay (exam), see info below.

About the semester essays

Handing out the essay assignments

Students writing essays about the history of philosophy and science (part I), will have their assignment handed out during week 5, (27. - 31. January).

Students writing essays about ethics (part II), will have their assignment handed out during week 13 (24.-28. March).

Details regarding the handing out of assignments, is the responsibility of the teachers. Questions regarding the handing out of assignments must be directed to your teacher.


If you fail to use references correctly, you may be suspected of plagiarism. UiO's regulations concerning cheating/plagiarism can be found here.To avoid suspicion of plagiarism, every student must know how to cite, quote and refer to sources

Handing in your essay

Deadline for handing in essays in part I (the history of philosophy and science) is Thursday 13. March.

Deadline for handing in essays in part II (ethics) is Thursday 15. May.