Exam, seminar option, spring 2018

The exam consists of two parts: a seminar paper and a two hour, digital home-based exam. You need to pass each part in order to pass the exam as such. The seminar paper counts as 60% and the at-home test as 40% of the final score.

The seminar paper

The seminar paper consists of the two home assignments you have been working on in your seminar group during the semester - the analytic assignment  and the argumentative text - put together to form a single text. Together they will make up your term paper (the final assignment). When you are ready, you gather the two texts into one document and deliver it in Inspera, no later than May 3rd at 2 P.M. See the semester page's information about the exam


The first of these assignments is compulsory, while the other is voluntary. You will have an individual, written response from your teacher on the first of these, while the response to the second can vary from seminar to seminar. You can use the response to your assignments from your teacher in order to improve the two texts, before you hand them in for a final verdict.


Formal requirements

  • The first text (the analytic assignment) should contain no less than 400 words, and no more than 600 words. The second text (the argumentative text) should be between 600 and 800 words. Together they should be between 1000 and 1400 words (the list of the books you refer to in your essay not included).
  • The texts you hand in will be composed by you, and they will be in answer to the two assignments you have been dealt in your seminar group. One will be in History of philosophy and science; the other in Ethics. Your assigned number and headline should be copied on top of each text.
  • The essay should refer to the original texts in an orderly manner, both with regard to direct and indirect quotes and references. You should add a list of literature (books, articles) so we can see what your source material is. Please also see information about use of sources and citations.


The issues to be considered in the final evaluation will be the same as for the compulsory (”analytic”) text, see the semester page's information about the compulsory assignment. Please note that the compulsory essay is handed in via Fronter, but the final essay, which consists of the analytic summary and the argumentative text, should be turned in via Inspera.


Home exam

This part of the exam will test you in what you have learnt throughout the semester, and will involve the whole of the curriculum. A link to assignments given on earlier exams is on the course website.

Digital exam in Inspera

Both the (combined) semester papers and the home exam must be handed in digitally, via Inspera (for information, see about submitting assignments and home exams in Inspera).

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