Core reading:


Oxford Handbook of Philosophical Methodology (eds. Cappelen, Gendler, and Hawthorne)


Articles: All available online:


Russell: The Value of Philosophy (from his book, The Problems of Philosophy: )


           Simon Blackburn: “Introduction” to his book Think


Cappelen: Chapter 1 of Philosophy without Intuitions available here:


Cappelen: ‘X-Phi without Intuitions?”


Williamson: ‘Philosophical Expertise and the Burden of Proof”


Chalmers:  Why isn’t there more progtess in philosophy?


Cappelen: Disagreement in Philosophy: an Optimistic Perspective (in Cambridge Companion to Philosophical Methodology, available here:


Chalmers: “Verbal Disputes”:


Cappelen: ‘Introduction’ to Fixing Language, to be circulated


Haslanger: ‘What good are our Intuitions?”


Burgess and Plunkett: Conceptual Ethics I and II:


Williamson: “What is Naturalism?”


Williamson: “On Ducking Challenges to Naturalism”






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