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Dette kurset vil fokusere på “the hard problem of consciousness”: Hvordan oppstår bevisstheten fra det fysiske? Eller, hvorfor er noen fysiske prosesser ledsaget av subjektive, fenomenale opplevelser? Vi vil ta for oss tre hovedteorier: fysikalisme, dualisme og panpsykisme, med ekstra fokus på panpsykisme.


Noen av artiklene listet opp nedenfor vil være ekstra, frivillig lesning. Artiklene merket med * finnes i Philosophy of mind: classical and contemporary readings (red. David J. Chalmers), som det anbefales å kjøpe. De resterende artiklene legges ut i Canvas (finnes stort sett også online via UiO-nettet).



  1. Thomas Nagel, What is it like to be a bat?*
  2. Ned Block, Concepts of consciousness*
  3. David Papineau, The rise of physicalism (Lesning til første gang. Ligger tilgjengelig i Canvas)
  4. J. J. C. Smart, Sensations and brain processes*
  5. Hilary Putnam, The nature of mental states*
  6. David Lewis, Mad pain and Martian pain
  7. Ned Block, Troubles with functionalism (excerpt)*
  8. John Searle, Is the brain a digital computer?
  9. Jaegwon Kim, The myth of non-reductive physicalism
  10. Chalmers, Facing up to the hard problem of consciousness
  11. Saul Kripke, Naming and necessity (excerpt)*
  12. Frank Jackson, Epiphenomenal qualia*
  13. David Chalmers, Consciousness and its place in nature*
  14. David Lewis, What experience teaches*
  15. Brian Loar, Phenomenal states (second version)*
  16. Katalin Balog, Conceivability, possibility and the mind–body  problem
  17. David Papineau, Thinking about consciousness (excerpts from chapters 2,4 and 6)
  18. Philip Goff, A posteriori physicalists get our phenomenal concepts wrong
  19. David Chalmers, Phenomenal concepts and the explanatory gap
  20. Daniel Dennett, Facing backwards on the problem of consciousness
  21. Keith Frankish, Illusionism as a theory of consciousness
  22. Daniel Dennett, Quining qualia*
  23. Galen Strawson: The consciousness deniers
  24. Mark Balauger, Why there are no good arguments for any interesting version of determinism
  25. Kelvin McQueen, Does consciousness cause quantum collapse?
  26. Barbara Montero, What does conservation of energy have to do with physicalism?
  27. Alyssa Ney, Defining physicalism
  28. Daniel Stoljar, Two conceptions of the physical*
  29. Colin McGinn, Can we solve the mind-body problem?*
  30. Galen Strawson, Realistic monism: why physicalism entails panpsychism
  31. David Chalmers, Panpsychism and panprotopsychism
  32. Hedda Hassel Mørch, Is matter conscious?
  33. William James, Principles of psychology (excerpt)
  34. William James, A pluralistic universe (excerpt)
  35. Philip Goff, Why panpsychism doesn’t help us explain consciousness
  36. David Chalmers, The combination problem for panpsychism
  37. Giulio Tononi, Consciousness as integrated information: a provisional manifesto
  38. Hedda Hassel Mørch, Introduction to the Integrated Information Theory of consciousness
  39. Erik Hoel, Fiction in the age of the screens
  40. David Graeber, What’s the point if we can’t have fun?


Voluntary Reading:

  1. Scott Aaronson, Why I’m not an integrated information theorist
  2. Giulio Tononi, Why Scott should stare at a blank wall and reconsider (or, the conscious grid)
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