Main text book:

John Burgess, Philosophical Logic (Princeton University Press, 2009).

Articles/book excerpts:

Shapiro, "Classical Logic", Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Shapiro, Foundations Without Foundationalism, chapter 3 (

Shapiro, Foundations Without Foundationalism, section 9.1.1. (

Linnebo, "Classical Logic", xx1,2

Ben Yami 2009 §§1,2

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Lewis, A Plurality of Worlds, pp. 1-20

Quine, Pursuit of Truth, pp. 73-4

Quine, Pilosophy of Logic, pp 64-68

Lewis, Counterfactuals, pp. 1-19 and 31-36

van Atten, On Brouwer, ch. 2

Beall, Jc and Glanzberg, Michael, "Liar Paradox", The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Spring 2013 Edition)


As additional reading Graham Priest's Introduction to Non-Classical Logic may be found helpful, however this is not a part of the obligatory readings.




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