Semesterside for IDE2022 - Vår 2019


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Hei alle studenter på IDE2022, IDE4022 og IDE3090.

First lecture is Tuesday 22nd, 14.15–16 in seminar room 206 GM.

First lecture will be in English, but it is not yet clear whether or how many participants there will be who are not Scandinavian-speaking, so we will need to come back to the language matter later.

No later than Monday evening, I will upload a powerpoint for the first lecture. If you want to prepare for the lecture, go ahead with reading some of the literature suggested for the second lecture, see canvas page “Forelesningene” (forberedelse/preparation 29.01, or den fulle semesteroversikten/the full term overview on the same page).

Looking forward to seeing you,


18. jan. 2019 11:14

If non-Scandinavian language speaking students take part, the course will be held in English.

7. jan. 2019 13:41