Syllabus/achievement requirements

Required reading:

1) Texts printed in compendium available at the copy center at Akademika bookshop:

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Compendium 1:

Berman, Patricia G.: "The Urban Sublime and the Making of the Modern Artist" in Munch becoming «Munch», Oslo 2008. Munch-museet. pp. 139-156.

Bjerke, Øivind Storm: "Meaning and Physicality in the Art of Munch" in Edvard Munch : Signs of Modern Art, 2007. Fondation Beyeler . pp. 24-31.

Bjerke, Øivind Storm: "Style and Technique as Strategic Devices used by the ‘Middle Generation’ 1882-86" in Munch becoming «Munch, Oslo 2008. Munch-museet. pp. 35-62.

Burchhart, Dieter: "Edvard Munch : Signs of Modern Art. The Duality of a Material-based Modernity" in Edvard Munch: Signs of modern art, 2007. Fondation Beyeler . pp. 11-23.

Büttner, Philippe: "On the Retina of the Mind: Edvard Munch’s Legacy to Modernism" in Edvard Munch: Signs of modern art, 2007. Fondation Beyeler . pp. 35-41.

Eggum, Arne: "Artistic Success – Personal suffering 1897 – 1902», «Doors open on the Continent 1902 – 19070», «Warnemünde – New Visions 1907 – 1908», «National Recognition" in Edvard Munch. Paintings, Sketches, and Studies, Oslo 1984. pp. 155-283, 290-291.

Heller, Reinhold: ""The Frieze of Life" and "Love"" in Edvard Munch: The Scream, London 1973. pp. 14-57, 111-112. (This article come as an additional compendium).


Compendium 2:

Heller, Reinhold: "Childhood and Youth 1863 – 1880», «Artistic Beginnings 1880 – 1886», and «Kristiania and Berlin 1892 – 1899" in Munch. Life and Work, London 1984. pp. 11-37 and pp. 93-173, 227-233 .

Müller-Westermann, Iris: "The self-portrait of the 1880s: The Facial Skin as the Mirror of Personal Experience», «1909-21: Return to Norway», and «1922-1944: The Hermit at Ekely" in Munch by Himself, London, 2005. . Royal Academy of Arts. pp. 15-57 and 111-183.

Woll, Gerd: "Competition for the Aula», «Authors, beggars and Workers as decorative Sketches», «The Great Monument and Further Developments in the Aula Competition», «Now is the Time for Workers», «The Horror of War and the Hope of a Better Future», «Life in the City», and «Munch is invited to decorate the Worker’s Canteen at Freia’s" in From the Aula to the City Hall. Edvard Munch’s monumental Projects 1909-1930, Lillehammer 1993. pp. 42-88.

Woll, Gerd: "Fifty Years of Printmaking" in Edvard Munch: The Complete Graphic Works, New York. 2001. Harry N. Abrams Inc. Publ. ; Oslo : In association with the Munch-museet.. pp. 6-29.


Compendium 3 (New):

Berman, Patricia G.: .: ”Edvard Munch: Women, ’Woman’, and the Genesis of an Artist´s Myth”. I: Jane Sweeney (red.), Munch and Women. Image and Myth, utstillingskatalog San Diego Museum of Art, Alexandria, Virginia 1997. s. 11-40. [30 s.].


Varnedoe, Kirk: ”Christian Krohg and Edvard Munch”, Arts Magazine, 1979, no. 8. upaginert. [8 s.].


Patricia Berman: "Body and body politic in Edvard Munch´s Bathing Men" i K. Adler og M. Pointon: The Body Imaged, Cambridge, New York,1993. s. 71 – 83, (12 s.) .




Digitalized curriculum:

Patricia G. Berman, Edvard Munch's Self-Portrait with Cigarette: Smoking and the Bohemian Persona, in Art Bulletin, 75, 1993 pp. 627-646. Lenke


2) Book that can be bought at Akademika bookshop:

Mørstad, Erik: Edvard Munch: An anthology , 2006. Oslo] : Unipub forl. - Oslo Academic Press. 200 pp.

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