Grading guidelines EAST4504

Spring 2019

The exam is a term paper of 10 pages (2300 characters per page, not including spaces) on a subject approved by the teacher. Front page and list of references come in addition. Use Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing 1,5.

Students must pass all compulsory activities (draft sketch submission) in order to qualify for the exam.

The term paper will be evaluated and graded on the basis of the following criteria (this is not a graded list, all issues will be considered on a holistic basis):

  • Is there a clearly defined topic, with clearly formulated research question(s)?
  • Is the scope of topic and focus realistic considering the required length of the paper?
  • Is the chosen methodology and choice of sources compatible with the topic and research question(s)?
  • Has the candidate identified and read enough of relevant academical literature for the term paper?
  • Does the paper base its arguments and claims in existing literature (with references)?
  • Does the paper attempt to answer the research question(s) asked?
  • To which extent does the paper demonstrate theoretical and methodological awareness?
  • To which extent does the paper attempt independent analysis, possibly embedded in author’s own first-hand examination of the primary sources?
  • Is there a clear structure in the text that makes it easy to follow the argumentation?
  • Are there references in-text (with page number reference when needed, following one given reference style in a consistent way) and a list of literature used?
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