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Semesterside for JAP4503 - Vår 2012

The final seminar will take place on Wednesday 2 May from 12-14 in seminar room 5 (P.A. Munch's building).

12. apr. 2012 18:32

NB! The classes in March will begin at 11.15 and end at 14.00 (this goes for the class on 7, 14, 21 and 28 March).

20. jan. 2012 17:31

We meet for a first meeting on 18 January, 12:15 PM, at PAM141. Rather than deciding on this year's topic on my own, I would like to hear about the interests of the participants first. At this meeting, we will both decide what the focus of the course will be, and decide in which 10 weeks teaching will take place. It is therefore essential that you all turn up to join our discussion.

Mark Teeuwen

13. jan. 2012 17:00