Syllabus/achievement requirements

The full syllabus will soon be available via Fronter.

In addition, please prepare the following: 

Compulsory reading for all participants --
a) Please purchase the following books (available also at the Akademika bookstore):
  • Jacka, Tamara, Andrew Kipnis and Sally Sargeson. 2013. Contemporary China: Society and Social Change. Cambridge University Press.
  • Joseph, William A.. 2014 (2nd edition). Politics in China. Oxford University Press. 
  • O'Brien, Kevin J. and Li Lianjiang. 2006 (paperback 2010). Rightful Resistance in Rural China. Cambridge University Press.
b) Download and print these two examples of a book review + reactions by the author(s) (all available through the UiO library net access (and later on Fronter)):
  • Brandstädter, Susanne. 2007. Righful Resistance in Rural China [Book Reviews section]. Journal of Peasant Studies 33(4), 710-712.
  • Chen, Xi. 2009. Rightful Resistance in Rural China [Book Review]. The China Journal 61, 176-178.
  • O’Brien, Kevin. 2013. Rightful Resistance Revisited. The Journal of Peasant Studies 40(6), 1051-1062. 
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