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REL4016 – New themes in Religious Studies - Mythological Motives - Digital Corpus Analysis

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The course is offered in connection with various research activities, visits by guest researchers, the arranging of research seminars or conferences, as well as planned and ongoing research.

Spring 2015:
The course has as its aim to perform motif analysis on mythological corpora as the classical Greek literature, the Old Norse, the classical Irish, Vedic and Mesopotamian literatures.

The course will relate to the methodologies of earlier attempts at motif analysis, as that of Stith-Thompson and others, but will also employ digital methods for such analyses.

The same course was also offered spring 2014.

Learning outcome

Students will acquire knowledge of current topics and reseach in history of religion.
The level of teaching will be close to that of reseach, and prior knowledge of the topic of the course is required.
For specifications, see the detailed course description in the link above.

Spring 2015:
The course will train students in thinking about motif analysis on the basis of the classical methods of such, but also within the digital field, in the way that computers will be used for analysis, and results will be published on the internet.


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Acceptance as a Master student.

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Bacherlor's Degree with major in History of Religion.


The class is organized as a supervised reading course with seminars throughout the semester. A seminar schedule will be published on the semester web page.

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Offered on infrequent basis

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