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REL4017 Våren 2012 - Religion and Sex

Course content

World religions have elaborate ideologies concerning sex. Ascetic traditions often reject sex altogether, while some mainstream traditions emphasize the duty of men and women to establish families and produce children. But what exactly are legitimate sexual relations and practices? How do religious traditions, particularly Judaism, discuss the obligations and problems surrounding marriage, love and sex? When may sex in itself be an element in religious practice? This course is built around the research of  Professor Admiel Kosman from Potsdam University who will be visiting the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages (IKOS) to give lectures on themes such as "Romantic Love in the Design of the Jewish Story", "Judaism versus Christianity: Jewish Stories Discussing Marriage and Sex" and  "Sex in the Spiritual context in the Talmudic Story". In addition, lectures by other faculty members will analyse ideologies about sex in other religious traditions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Coptic Christianity.

Learning outcomes:

Students will get a substantial grounding in Jewish narratives about sex and love.

Students will learn to analyse ideologies and controversies relating to sex in several religious traditions.

Students will be able to place today’s religious debates about sex in their historical context.

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