Sanskrit 3+4 (SAN2130) autumn 2017

Varanasi - India

Centre for the Study of Indian Languages and Society, INLANSO

Sanskrit students

Language training at the Centre for the Study of Indian Languages and Society

A stay in India during fall semester is a mandatory part of Sanskrit 3+4. The teaching will take place at the Centre for the Study of Indian Languages and Society in Varanasi. The course requires at least 2 participants to be organized, and in order to qualify the student have to have a minimum grade C in the exam that concludes the Sanskrit 2 course.

The language of instruction will be English and Sanskrit. Teaching consist of 220 hours of teaching and practical language training (4 periods, 5 days a week) and visits to nearby locations as part of the teaching.

Evaluation will consist of continuous assessment and a final exam-like assessment at the end of the semester. A certificate is issued only when at least 75% of the classes are attended. The evaluation from INLANSO is the precondition of the exam held in Oslo.


Deadline: 1 May

Students must apply to the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages. The application form should be delivered or sent to Student Advisor for South Asian studies, Box 1010 Blindern, 0315 Oslo. Visiting address: 4th floor P.A.Munchs hus.

Only students who have attended SAN1110 and SAN1120 with passing marks (minimum C) will be admitted.

You also have to hand in the form ”Opplysningsskjema vedr studieopphold i utlandet i regi av UiO”. This form must be handed in, in order to get support from Lånekassen.


The stay is supported financially by Lånekassen after current rules.

Support for part time studies abroad is normally given in three main parts:

  • Basic support
  • Travel support -.
  • Support for tuition fee


The tuition fee for the entire 12-week course fall 2017 is 210.000 INR. This covers 220 hours of teaching and practical language training (4 periods, 5 days a week), visits to nearby locations as part of the teaching, support from INLANSO providing assistance dealing with studies, accommodation, health and extra-curricular activities. The students pay the tuition fee directly to INLANSO by 31.08.2017 as per instructions.


Lånekassen sends a report to NAV concerning studies abroad for students who are given loan and stipend from Lånekassen. Students who are not eligible for loan or who do not apply for loan through Lånekassen must report to NAV themselves. Insurance through NAV is only valid for illness. Those of you who wish to have additional insurance may for instance use favourable insurance arrangements through their card companies or through membership in ANSA. Students must document health insurance.


See information about visa services on Indian Visa Application Centre


The students are themselves responsible for plane tickets to India and back. Remember to buy tickets early, as planes fill up quickly. It is advisable to check prices at different airlines before ordering.

Students should estimate some time between the exam date and departure for India, as it might take some time to get your visa.


Students are themselves responsible for taking the acquired vaccination. Some vaccinations, (for instance Havrix) must be taken in several rounds, so one should start with the vaccination some time before departure. Read the information on the homepage for Folkehelseinstituttet.


The cost for accommodation is additional to the tuition fee depending on the choice of accommodation. The cost for accommodation shall be paid by the students. INLANSO offers home-stay options with meals included (ca 15.000INR per month), flat accommodation without meals (8.000-15.000INR per month) or guest house accommodation depending on the standard of the room.


Bring USD or Euro to change to Rupee on arrival.

Use of creditcards is possible from minibanks and exchange offices like Thomas Cook.


Centre for the Study of Indian Languages and Society
Centre for the Study of Indian Languages and Society (INLANSO),
Ravindrapuri Colony
Lane no 5
Varanasi 221005

Nordic Centre in India:

Nordic Centre in India, C-7,
Nizamuddin East,
New Delhi 110 013, India
Phone: +91 11 465 029 94

Norges ambassade i India:

Royal Norwegian Embassy, 50-C, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi – 110021

Telephone: + 91 11 4136 3200
Telefax: + 91 11 4136 3201



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