Tema våren 2017: Non-At-Issue Meaning and Information Structure

Kort om emnet / Course content

Non-at-issue meaning (such as presuppositions and conventional implicatures) and information structural phenomena (such as topic, focus and givenness) are topics in their own right that have often been investigated independently from each other in theoretical linguistics. However, recent analyses have shifted the focus onto the connection between these phenomena. In this class, we focus on the interconnectedness of these topics, and on the wide range of theoretical and empirical questions that arise from them across different fields of research (syntax, semantics, pragmatics, phonology, etc).


Hva lærer du? / Learning outcome

The course provides an introduction to research topics in syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and their interfaces with related fields such as phonetics and phonology, with a thematic focus on the areas of non-at-issue meaning (e.g. presuppositions, implicatures, and expressive meaning). Students decide on a research question/topic of their own (in agreement with the supervisors) and investigate it with suitable linguistic methodology (such as corpus linguistic investigations).

Publisert 13. nov. 2017 09:49 - Sist endret 13. nov. 2017 09:49