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DatoUndervises avStedTemaKommentarer / ressurser
21.01.2010Marianne Ustved  Seminar room 15, P.A. Munchs house  Introduction    
28.01.2010    Eddic poetry.   Skírnismál Read the poem and Jónas Kristjánsson p. 25-82 
04.02.2010      Skírnismál continued. Read Steinsland 1990  
11.02.2010      Volundarkvida. Read the poem and McKinnel 2002  
18.02.2010      Volundarkvida continued, Scaldic poetry  
25.02.2010      Assignment seminar for beginners 
04.03.2010    Islendingsaga   The Saga of Gisli Sursson. Read the saga and Vésteinn Ólason 2005. 
11.03.2010      Gisli continued, contemporary sagas. Read The Saga of Thorgils and Haflidi and Bragason 2005  
18.03.2010      The Saga of Orvar-Odd. Read The Saga of Orvar-Odd and Torfi H. Tulinius 2005 
25.03.2010    Kings sagas  Read from Heimskringla: The prologue. 1. assignment is to be handed in  
01.04.2010      Easter. No lecture  
08.04.2010      Read The Saga of St. Olaf in Heimskringla.  
15.04.2010      Read The tale of Eirek the Traveller. Legends  
22.04.2010      Self study 
29.04.2010      The kings mirror. Read also Hamer 2000 
06.05.2010      The saga of Tristram and Isond. Read also Glauser 2005 Presentations? 2. assignment to be handed in*  
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