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Encyclopedic literature and the Konungs skuggsjá – European and indigenous erudition in the Middle Ages

This semester the course in Current Issues will focus on the emergence of various kinds of encyclopedic works in the European Late Middle Ages and relate the European erudition to the Norse mediveal culture of the thirteenth and fourteenth century, with a special focus on the Konungs skuggsjá (Kings’ Mirror) from the second half of the thirteenth century. A series of five lectures will be arranged during the fall semester with invited scholars from various disciplines presenting the European background. This series of lectures will be followed by a conference on Konungs skuggsjá involving c. twelve lectures over two days (30 November and 1 December). A general reading list will be provided and the individual student will be asked to further establish a literature list for the individual reading. The course will be examinated in the form of a ten page semester assignment.

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