Contact information

Academics Studies Administration

Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages

Visiting address: 
Niels Treschows hus, Level 7

Visiting hours: 
Monday - Friday 12.30-15.00

Postal address: 
P.O. Box 1003 - Blindern
0315 Oslo

Phone: 22856912
Fax: 22856887

Persons to contact

NameConsultation hoursComment
Gjertrud Flermoen Stenbrenden   (contact information)   Emneansvar og forelesning
Anne-Berit Eia  (contact information)   Gruppelærer
Kristin Marie Berstad  (contact information)   Eksamenskonsulent,
Tor Erik Johnsen  (contact information) Tirsdag og Torsdag fra 13:00 til 14:00, NT803  Studiekonsulent
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