Semesterside for ENG1304 - Høst 2004

The final, written exam will take place on Monday, Nov. 29 from 0900-1300 hrs. in the athletics building (Idrettsbygningen) next to Fredrikke on the Blindern campus. You are permitted to use an English-English dictionary during the exam.

22. nov. 2004 01:00

Remember that the deadline for submission of the draft of your essay is Week 42, the week after the reading week (Oct. 11-15). You are to hand in your essay to your group teacher in class that week. If you cannot attend, a separate arrangement with your group teacher will have to be made.

1. okt. 2004 02:00

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: On Tuesday, Aug. 31, at 1415, immediately following the regular lecture in ENG1304, there will be an orientation in the use of BIBSYS (the UB electronic catalogue) and other useful internet resources related to the study of American literature. These tools are essential in getting the full benefit of the course and particularly in writing your obligatory essay. Thus, the orientation, which will last about one and a half hours, is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. It takes place in aud. 1 SB (Sophus Bugge).

24. aug. 2004 02:00