Semesterside for ENG1304 - Høst 2006

The deadline for submitting your obligatory essay is Week 45 (Nov. 6-10). You are to submit your essay on paper and the completed "Obligatorisk erklæring vedr. fusk" to your group teacher in the seminar. Only students who have submitted and had their essays approved are qualified to take the written exam on Dec. 4th.

7. nov. 2006 12:13

To students who have group sessions in Veglaboratoriet: This building is not on the main Blindern campus. From Blindern walk as if you are going to Forskningsparken train station. When you pass under the train tracks and look up the hill you will see a low building with a lot of graffiti on it and directly behind that a larger complex of buildings, which is Veglaboratoriet. The address is Gaustadalleen 25. To be on the safe side, calculate at least fifteen minutes to get from the HF-complex to Veglaboratoriet.

22. aug. 2006 10:27

Teaching in groups 2, 3, 4, and 7 will commence Monday, Aug. 28th. Teaching in group 1 will commence Tuesday, Aug. 29th.

2. aug. 2006 13:21