Semesterside for ENG1505 - Vår 2009

The handout for the lecture on the British Political system is now (finally) available as '17 April' in the Handouts' folder Fronter. Note also the link to the BBC's 'A History of Britain' if you need an educational break from your exam preparations.

26. mai 2009 13:22

The lecture series will continue "according to plan", meaning that the topic this Friday (15 May) is Summing up.

12. mai 2009 14:32

For groups 1, 2, 4 & 5: Those who need to resubmit their essay on the NHS (no. 5) have until next Monday (18 May) to do so. Submit by email to Atle Wold. Essays which have not been collected can be found on the shelf marked "Wold" on the 11th floor of NT (in the corridor next to the printer).

12. mai 2009 14:31