Syllabus/achievement requirements

Primary texts:

Hunston, Susan: Corpora in Applied Linguistics, 2002. Cambridge University Press.

Partington, Alan: Patterns and Meanings: Using Corpora for English Language Research and Teaching, 1998. John Benjamins.

Supplementary reading: 

Biber, Douglas, Susan Conrad and Geoffrey Leech: Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English, 2002. Harlow: Pearson Education.

Biber, Douglas, Susan Conrad and Randi Reppen: Corpus Linguistics: Investigating Language Structure and Use, 1998. Cambridge University Press.

Kennedy, Graeme: An Introduction to Corpus Linguistics, 1998. London: Longman.

McEnery, Tony and Andrew Wilson: Corpus Linguistics, 2001, 2nd ed. Edinburgh University Press.

Sinclair, John: Reading Concordances, 2003. London: Pearson Longman.

The course will also make reference to the following websites:

Tony McEnery and Andrew Wilson: Corpus Linguistics

Oslo Interactive English

The Internet Grammar of English


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