Baker, Mona: In Other Words: A Coursebook on Translation, 1992. London & New York: Routlegde.

Compendium 'ENG2158 Oversettelse II' (available at Kopiutsalget, Akademika at the beginning of term). It consists of earlier exam papers, and the following articles:

  • Aitchison, Jean (1996) ‘Taming the Wilderness: Words in the Mental Lexicon.’ In G.M. Anderman and M.A. Rogers (eds.): Words, Words, Words: The Translator and the Language Learner. Clevedon, Philadelphia, Adelaide: Multilingual Matters. 15-26.

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Work of Reference:

Svartvik, Jan & Rikard Svartvik (Norwegian edition by Arthur O. Sandved): Engelsk språkguide: Språktips og feller du ikke vil gå i, 2003. Oslo: Kunnskapsforlaget.

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