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Syllabus/achievement requirements

Primary texts:

  • William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, ed. Blakemore Evans (Cambridge U.P., 2003)
  • Mary Shelley: Frankenstein (The Norton Critical Edition), ed. J. Paul Hunter (New York: Norton, 1996)
  • Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice (The Norton Critical Edition), ed. Donald J. Gray (New York: Norton, 2000)
  • Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There (1871), in The Annotated Alice, ed. Martin Gardner (Penguin, 2001)
  • George Orwell, Neneteen Eightyfour
  • Michael Patrick Gillespie (New York: Norton, 2005)


  • In Reception Study: From Literary Theory to Cultural Studies, ed. James L. Machor and Philip Goldstein (London: Routledge, 2001):
  • Jauss, ’The Identity of the Poetic Text in the Changing Horizon of Understanding’, pp.7-28
  • Tompkins, Jane P., ‘Masterpiece Theater. The Politics of Hawthorne’s Literary Reputation’, pp.133-5
  • Fiske, John, 'Madonna', pp.246-58
  • Smith Allen, James, ‘Reading the Novel’, pp.180-202

Articles in compendium 'ENG2329 Reception Studies' (available at Kopiutsalget, Akademika):

1. From The Book History Reader, ed. David Finkelstein and Alistair Cleery (London: Routledge, 2002):

  • Fish, Stanley, ‘Interpreting the Variorum’, pp.350-58
  • Chartier, Roger, ‘Labourers and Voyagers: From the Text to the Reader’, pp. 47-58

2. From The Practice of Everyday Life:

  • De Certeau, Michel, ‘Reading as Poaching’, 20 pp.

3. Iser, Wolfgang, ‘The Reading Process: A Phenomenological Approach’ Reader-Response Criticism: From Formalism to Post-Structuralism, ed. Jane P. Tompkins (London: Johns Hopkins, 1980), pp.50-69.

Secondary literature:

  • Asdal et co., Tekst og historie: Å lese tekster historisk (Oslo: Universitetsforlaget, 2008)
  • Bennett, Andrew (ed.), Readers and Reading (London: Longman, 1995)
  • Cavallo, Guglielmo and Roger Chartier (eds.), A History of Reading in the West (Cambridge: Polity, 1999)
  • Chartier, Roger, The Order of Books (Cambridge: Polity, 1994)
  • Fish, Stanley, Is There a Text in This Class? (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard U.P., 1980)
  • Freund, Elizabeth, The Return of the Reader: Reader-Response Criticism (London: Methuen, 1987)
  • Jauss, Hans Robert, Toward an Aesthetic of Reception (Minneapolis: U. of Minnesota P., 1982)
  • Rem, Tore, Bokhistorie (Oslo: Gyldendal, 2003)
  • Tompkins, Jane P., Reader-Response Criticism: From Formalism to Post-Structuralism Johns Hopkins U.P., 1980)
  • Tompkins, Jane P., Sensational Designs (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 1980)

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