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  • Walter BAGEHOT: The English Constitution (Oxford University Press, 2009).
  • Vernon BOGDANOR: The New British Constitution (Hart Publishing, Oxford and Portland, Oregon, 2009).
  • Eric J. EVANS: Parliamentary Reform, c. 1770-1918 (Pearson Education, London, 2000).

Book printed as a compendium Unipub:

  • H. T. DICKINSON: Liberty and Property: Political Ideology in Eighteenth-Century Britain (Methuen, London, 1977).

Text distributed by the teacher:

  • Anthony KING: The British Constitution (Oxford University Press, 2007), kap. 1, ’What Is a Constitution?’, s. 1-14.

Electronic text (made available in Canvas):

  • Vernon BOGDANOR: The Crisis of the Constitution: The General Election and the Future of the United Kingdom (The Constitution Society, 2015).
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