Syllabus/achievement requirements



  • Algeo, J. & T. Pyles. 2005. The Origins and Development of the English Language. Thomas Wadsworth. Chapter 10.
  • Quirk, R. & C.L. Wrenn.1990. An Old English Grammar. London: Routledge.

Booklet with articles and texts:

Primary texts:

  • ‘The Battle of Ashdown’ (extract)

  • ‘The Voyages of Ohthere and Wulfst (extract)

  • ‘The Orrmulum’ (extract)

  • Chaucer: ‘The Wife of Bath’s Tale’ (extract)

  • (‘The Nativity of Christ’; OE, ME, & eModE versions)

  • 3 eModE texts (Ascham, Wilson, Greene)


  • Cameron, K. 1996. "Ch.6: Scandinavian place-names"; pp. 73-87. In: English place names. London BT Batsford.


Note on OE letters and sounds

Note on prehistoric sound changes

Notes on OE morphology and syntax

Note on ME (Chaucerian) phonology, morphology, and syntax

Note on OE lexicon in post-OE

Supplementary reading:

  • Bennett, J.A.W. & G.V. Smithers (eds.). 1966. ‘Early Middle English’; pp. xviii-lviii of Early Middle English Verse and Prose, Oxford: Clarendon Press.

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