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Compendium with notes, texts and article:


  • Notes on OE and ME language
  • Note on ‘the Great Vowel Shift’

Primary texts:            

  • ‘The Battle of Ashdown’                                  
  • ‘The Voyage of Ohthere’
  • ‘The Nativity of Christ’: OE, ME, & eModE versions
  • The Orrmulum (extract)
  • Chaucer, G.: ‘The Wife of Bath’s Tale’ (extract)
  • Ascham, R.: ‘Seeing the Wind’
  • Wilson, T.: ‘Inkhorn Terms’
  • Greene, R.: Pandosto (extract)


  • Cameron, K. 1996. ‘Ch. 6: Scandinavian place-names’; pp. 73-87. In: English place names. London: BT Batsford.

Supplementary reading

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