This course is replaced by ENG4301 – Literary Theory in English.


Tekster i kompendium som fås kjøpt på kopiutsalget i Akademika:

*M. H. Abrams, "Introduction: Orientation of Critical Theories," in The Mirror and the Lamp: Romantic Theory and the Critical Tradition (1953)

*David Robey, "Anglo-American New Criticism," in Modern Literary Theory, edited by Ann Jefferson and David Robey (1986)

*Jonathan Culler, "Literary Competence," in Structuralist Poetics (1975)

Modern Criticism and Theory: A Reader, eds. David Lodge and Nigel Wood (2000):

*Stanley Fish, 'Interpreting the Variorum' *Harold Bloom, 'Poetic Origins and Final Phases'

*Harold Bloom, "Poetic Origins and Final Phases"

*Stephen Greenblatt, "The Circulation of Social Energy"

*James Hillis Miller, "The Critic as Host"

*M. H. Abrams, "The Deconstructive Angel"

*Patrocinio P. Schweickart, "Reading Ourselves: Towards a Feminist Theory of Reading"

*Elaine Showalter, "Feminist Criticism in the Wilderness"

*Fredric Jameson, "The Politics of Theory: Ideological Positions in the Postmodern Debate

*Terry Eagleton, "Capitalism, Modernism and Postmodernism"

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