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The final deadline for turning …

The final deadline for turning in essays both for students in ENG2309 and ENG4349 is in class on Tuesday, April 26th. This deadline is obligatory and final. If you cannot hand in your essay by this deadline (1600 hrs.), you must have a doctor’s certificate (sykeattest/sykemelding) to get an extension. If you cannot attend class that day and hand the essay in in person, you may email it as an attachment to Nils Axel Nissen (literature essays; or Drew Rodgers (civilization essays; by 1600 hrs. on Tuesday, April 26th. Students who submit electronically will get confirmation of receipt of their essay. However you submit your essay, you must also submit a completed form entitled “Obligatorisk erklæring vedr. fusk,” which you can find online at here if you do not already have a copy.

Published Apr. 22, 2005 2:00 AM - Last modified Apr. 22, 2005 10:43 AM