Syllabus/achievement requirements

  • William Lasser, Perspectives on American Politics. Cengage Learning; 6th  edition (January 1, 2011) ISBN-10: 049589947X ISBN-13: 978-049589947
  • Thomas Frank, Listen, Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People? Picador; Reprint edition (March 14, 2017) ISBN-10: 1250118131, ISBN-13: 978-1250118134
  • John Judis, The Populist Explosion: How the Great Recession Transformed American and European Politics. Columbia Global Reports (October 5, 2016) ISBN-10: 0997126442 ISBN-13: 978-0997126440

“Classic” works of Political Science: democracy and government in a modern society (available online):

Essays and articles from current journals of opinion (selection); differing models for explaining conflict in democratic systems: classfronter

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