Syllabus – Spring 2020

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The media at war Carruthers, Susan L. (2011). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, XIV, 329 s.

Articles available in compendium

Terrorism, Communication and the Media Archetti, Cristina, in Terrorism and political violence, Schmid, Alex P.; Mabon, Simon; Clubb, Gordon; Kennedy-Pipe, Caroline, ©2015; cop. 2015. London: Sage, X, 315 sider
Getting a Fix on Mediatized Conflict: Paradigms and Perspectives Simon. Cottle, in Mediatized Conflict 2007. Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill Education
Mediatized Conflict in the World Today Simon. Cottle, in Mediatized Conflict 2007. Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill Education
introduction (“The Impact of Blogging on the BBC’s Coverage of War and Terrorism Bennett, Daniel, in Digital media and reporting conflict : blogging and the BBC's coverage of war and terrorism 2013. New York: Routledge, VIII, 279 s.
Conflicts of Memory in a Media Age Hoskins, Andrew, in Televising war : from Vietnam til Iraq c2004. London: Continuum, XII, 148 s.
Chapter 1 Hoskins, Andrew, in War and media : the emergence of diffused war, O'Loughlin, Ben,, 2010. Cambridge: Polity Press, IX, 227 s.
The Background to Embedding in Shoot first and ask questions later : media coverage of the 2003 Iraq war, Lewis, Justin, c2006. New York: Lang, 212 s.
Mass-Mediated Terrorism in the New World Nacos, Brigitte Lebens, in Mass-mediated terrorism : the central role of the media in terrorism and counterterrorism 2007. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, X, 253 s.
Researchers’ Perspectives in Terrorism and the media, Schmid, Alex P.; Paletz, David L., c1992. Newbury Park, Calif.: Sage, viii, 250 s.
Introduction: On the reality of film Rushton, Richard, in The reality of film : theories of filmic reality 2011. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 218 s.
Introduction: Step Right Up! Stahl, Roger, in Militainment, Inc. : war, media, and popular culture 2010. New York: Routledge, X, 209 s.
All Consuming War: From Spectacle to Interactivity Stahl, Roger, in Militainment, Inc. : war, media, and popular culture 2010. New York: Routledge, X, 209 s.
Pages 1-15 Storey, John, in Cultural theory and popular culture : an introduction 2012. Harlow: Pearson Education, XIII, 275 s.
Driving Fast Without a Road Map: The News Media and foreign Policy Today Strobel, Warren P. $d 1962-, in Late-breaking foreign policy : the news media's influence on peace operations 1997. Washington, DC: US Institute of Peace Press, XIII, 275 s.
Introduction: Image and Reality in the Gulf War Taylor, Philip M., in War and the media : propaganda and persuasion in the Gulf War c1992. Manchester: Manchester University Press, xiv, 338 s.
Introduction: Looking Through a Glass Onion Philip M. Taylor, in Munitions of the mind a history of propaganda from the ancient world to the present era, third edition 2003. S.l.]: S.l. : Manchester University Press, 324

Further recommended reading

Terrorism, Communication and New Media: Explaining Radicalization in the Digital Age Archetti, Cristina, Perspectives on Terrorism 9(1), 9, 2015
Enter the Robot Journalist: Users' perceptions of automated content Clerwall, Christer, Journalism Practice, 8(5), 2014-09-03
The death of news Bell, M., Media, War and Conflict, 1(2), 2008
Global Television News and Foreign Policy: Debating the CNN Effect Gilboa, Eytan, International Studies Perspectives, 6(3), 2005-08
The Media, the War in Vietnam, and Political Support: A Critique of the Thesis of an Oppositional Media Hallin, Daniel C., The Journal of Politics, 46(1), 1984-02-01
The CNN effect: can the news media drive foreign policy? Robinson, Piers, Review of International Studies, 25(2), 1999-04-01
Killer drones: The ‘silver bullet’ of democratic warfare? Sauer, Frank ; Schörnig, Niklas, Security Dialogue, 43(4), 2012-08
Robots at war: the new battlefield.(Cover story)(Report) Singer, P. W., The Wilson Quarterly, 33(1), 2009-01-01
THE ALGORITHMS BEHIND THE HEADLINES: How machine-written news redefines the core skills of human journalists van Dalen, Arjen, Journalism Practice, 6(5-6), 2012-10-01
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