Obligatory activity

The obligatory activity must be approved before the term paper (project description) can be submitted. The obligatory activity consist of three assignments.

All assignments must be submitted as one document (pdf) in Fronter, no later than September 28 at 15.00.

Nordic Media students must write their assignment in English. Other students may write in English or a Scandinavian language as they wish.


Assignment 1 - reading list

Students shall compose their own reading list using the proposed literature. The reading list shall be written in APA or Chicago-style.


Assignment 2 - one page project outline

After the intensive writing seminar, students shall submit a 1-2 page outline of their master thesis idea. This should be a rewrite of what you did on the writing class.


Assignment 3 - discussion of a master thesis

Choose a master thesis. Give a short description of the thesis including its research question, theory, methods, findings, and conclusion. Assess and discuss the thesis critically. 4-5 pages.


Deadline: 28th of September at 3 PM. Only after the assignments has been submitted and has been approved will you be able to submit the term paper.


The term paper is your project description

The project proposal should be 5 pages and must include:

*             Working title.

*             Theme or area of interest.

*             Research questions and/or hypotheses.

*             Information about empirical data

*             Methods.

*             Theoretical or scientific context.

Supervision for the project description will be given in smaller groups after the intensive writing seminar. Each group can expect to have 2-3 meetings with a supervisor, but are encouraged to have more meetings on their own. Students are expected to present and respond to draft project proposals in these groups.


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