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Reading list


Hjarvard, Stig (2013). The Mediatization of Culture and Society. Oxon: Routledge.  169 pages.

Hepp, Andreas (2013). Cultures of Mediatization. Cambridge: Polity. 161 pages.

Lundby, Knut (ed.) (2009). Mediatization. Concept, Changes, Consequences. New York: Peter Lang.  (Intro, Conclusion and all chapters except chapter 2, 3 and 8).  239 pages.

FROM COLLECTIONS AVAILABLE AS PDF (in the Fronter room for this course)

From Kramp, Leif et al. (2014). Media Practice and Everyday Agency in Europe. Bremen: edition lumière  The chapters in Section One one “Dynamics of Mediatization”.   94 pages

Kaun, Anne & Karin Fast (2014). Mediatization of culture and everyday life. Karlstad/Stockholm: Karlstad University Studies/Mediestudier Södertörns hsk.år%20organisation/Områdesgrupper/Medialisering/Research_Report_Mediatization.pdf  In Part 1:  1.1–1.4, and sections 2, 3 and 4.  57 pages.


Either by direct search or from with user account at the UiO:

Schulz, Winfried (2004). Reconstructing Mediatization as an Analytical Concept, European Journal of Communication 19(1): 87–101.  15 pages.

Livingstone, Sonia (2009). On the Mediation of Everything, Journal of Communication 59(1): 1–18.  18 pages.

Communication Theory (2013). Special issue on Conceptualizing Mediatization, 23(3): 191–315 (all articles).  125 pages.

Hjarvard, Stig &Line Nybro Petersen (2013). Mediatization and cultural change, Mediekultur. Journal of media and communication research 54: 8–25.  7 pages.

Encheva, Kameliya, Olivier Driessens and Hans Verstraeten (2013). The mediatization of deviant subcultures: an analysis of the media-related practices of graffiti writers and skaters, Mediekultur. Journal of media and communication research 54: 8–25.  18 pages.


Total of the above:                                                                                           903 pages

+ selected individually for the term paper                              approx.             100 pages


Total pages to read                                                                approx.           1000 pages

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