Teaching plan

Schedule "Norwegian Music for International Students" MUS1401 BA Spring -11

(Arvid O. Vollsnes,   arvid@imv.uio.no, room 314 ZEB, ph + 54760)


20 Jan   The broad lines

27 Jan   Organization of musical life

  3 Feb   Musical institutions

10 Feb   Folk music

17 Feb   European or National music?

24 Feb   NO CLASS

  3 Mar   Rock and the popular music scene (Hans Thv. Zeiner-Henriksen)

10 Mar   Rock and the popular music scene (Hans Thv. Zeiner-Henriksen)

17 Mar   New trends in the last decades

24 Mar   SEMINAR

31 Mar   SEMINAR

  7 Apr   SEMINAR

14 Apr   SEMINAR

21 Apr   EASTER break

28 Apr   SEMINAR

Thursday 12:15-14:00, Seminarrom 1, ZEB-bygningen

Assignments   Four individual assignments (approved by teacher) and one individual presentation of the proposed essay in a seminar are required before the final essay is started.

Exam information   An essay assignment that consists of c.10-12 pages (each 2300 characters without spaces).

The student submits a temporary proposal of topic before 25 February and a final version of theme, reading list etc 1 April. The student presents his/her proposed essay in a seminar. The essay is finally submitted in FRONTER, at the latest 23 May.

Assessment and grading   Course grades are awarded on a descending scale using alphabetic grades from A to E for passes and F for fail.


Grinde, Nils: A history of Norwegian music. (Lincoln:University of Nebraska Press, 1991)

Maagerø, Eva & Birte Simonsen (ed.): Norway - Society and Culture. (Portal:Kristiansand, 2008)

Storey, John: Inventing Popular Culture. From Folklore to Globalization (Chpt 6&8 on www)

Weisethaunet, Hans: ”Historiography and complexities: why is music ‘national’?” (on:)   http://www.swetswise.com/eAccess/viewToc.do?titleID=253764&yevoID=2216109

Øyvind Østerud: "Norwegian Nationalism in European Context" (p. 29-39)   in Sørensen, Øystein (ed): Nationalism in small European nations.   (KULTs skriftserie no 47), Oslo 1996   (also in this book: Miroslav Hroch: "Specific Features of the Nation-Forming" (p. 7-28))

Øystein Sørensen: "The Development of a Norwegian National Identity during the Nineteenth Century",   in   Sørensen, Øystein (ed): Nordic paths to national identity in the nineteenth century.   (KULTs skriftserie no 22), Oslo 1994

and material we gradually will accumulate through your assignments.

Listening material will be found at the library and in Vollsnes, A.O.: Norges musikkhistorie vol. 1-5. (Reserved at the reading room at Sophus Lies hus, on loan from the HUMSAM library.)

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