Syllabus/achievement requirements

(Suggestions, core literature. Some of this will be found on FRONTER)

Grinde, Nils: A history of Norwegian music, 1991. Lincoln:University of Nebraska Press.

Maagerø, Eva & Birte Simonsen (red.): Norway - Society and Culture, 2008. Portal:Kristiansand.

Storey, John: Inventing Popular Culture. From Folklore to Globalization, Ch. 6&8 on www.

Weisethaunet, Hans: "Historiography and complexities: why is music ‘national’?" in

Øyvind Østerud: "Norwegian Nationalism in European Context" in Sørensen, Øystein (ed.): Nationalism in small European nations, 1996. Oslo: KULTs skriftserie no 47. Also in this book: Miroslav Hroch: Specific Features of the Nation-Forming (p. 7-28).

Sørensen, Øystein: "The Development of a Norwegian National Identity during the Nineteenth Century" in Sørensen, Øystein (ed.): Nordic paths to national identity in the nineteenth century, 1994. Oslo: KULTs skriftserie no 22.

… and material we gradually will accumulate through your assignments. Listening material will be found at the library and in Vollsnes, A.O.: Norges musikkhistorie vol. 1-5. (Reserved at the reading room at Sophus Lies hus, on loan from the HUMSAM library.)

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