Thomas D. Rossing, F. Richard Moore, Paul A. Wheeler: The science of sound, 2002. San Francisco: Addison Wesley. ISBN: 0-8053-8565-7.

Other resources

  • Perry R. Cook: Music, cognition, and computerized sound : an introduction to psychoacoustics (finnes som e-bok fra UiO-nettet)
  • Music acoustics online resources at UNSW


This software will be used in the course:

  • AudioAnalysis is a small program for realtime analysis of sound
  • Audacity is a simple sound editor with powerful analysis tools
  • Sonic Visualiser is a sound visualisation and analysis program from Queen Mary's University
  • SPEAR allows for visualization and synthesis based on spectral information
  • Puredata is a graphical programming framework for sound, music and video

All the above mentioned programs are free and available for Windows, OSX and Linux.

For those who are interested in some more advanced programs, these are also available at MIDI-rommet:

  • Praat is a more advanced sound analysis program made for linguistics
  • Max 5 a commercial version of PureData
  • Matlab is a text based analysis tool which is commonly used in research
  • IRCAM-collection contains many different programs for analysis and synthesis of musical sound

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