Intro week – week 1

Book chapter – will be handed out in class

Healthcare, Welfare and Law. Health legislation as a mirror of the Norwegian welfare state

Olav Moelven og Julia Ferkis


Towards a common definition of global health

Koplan, Jeffrey P ; Bond, T Christopher ; Merson, Michael H ; Reddy, K Srinath ; Rodriguez, Mario Henry ; Sewankambo, Nelson K ; Wasserheit, Judith N;

Lancet (London, England), 06 June 2009, Vol.373(9679), pp.1993-5

An Anthropology of Structural Violence 1

Farmer, Paul;

Current Anthropology, June 2004, Vol.45(3), pp.305-325

Sexual and reproductive rights and the human rights agenda: controversial and contested

Nowicka, Wanda;

Reproductive Health Matters, 2011, Vol.19(38), pp.119-128

Young people's sexual and reproductive health rights

Sundby, Johanne;

Best practice & research. Clinical obstetrics & gynaecology, June 2006, Vol.20(3), pp.355-68

Management of infertility in low resource countries.(Report)

Sharma, S. ; Mittal, S. ; Aggarwal, P.;

BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Oct, 2009, Vol.116, p.71(6)

Sexual and reproductive health and rights in public health education

; Allotey, Pascale A ; Diniz, Simone ; Dejong, Jocelyn ; Delvaux, Thérèse ; Gruskin, Sofia ; Fonn, Sharon;

Reproductive Health Matters, 2011, Vol.19(38), pp.56-68

The politics of unsafe abortion in Burkina Faso: The interface of local norms and global public health practice

Storeng, Katerini T. ; Ouattara, Fatoumata;

Global Public Health, 12 August 2014, p.1-14

Week 2

Maternal, neonatal and child health interventions and services: moving from knowledge of what works to systems that deliver

Mccoy, D. ; Storeng, K. ; Filippi, V. ; Ronsmans, C. ; Osrin, D. ; Matthias, B. ; Campbell, O.M. ; Wolfe, R. ; Prost, A. ; Hill, Z. ; Costello, A. ; Azad, K. ; Mwansambo, C. ; Manandhar, D.S.;

International Health, 2010, Vol.2(2), pp.87-98

Quality of care during childbirth in Tanzania: identification of areas that need improvement

Solnes Miltenburg, Andrea ; Kiritta, Richard F ; Meguid, Tarek ; Sundby, Johanne;

Reproductive Health. 2018 Jan 27;15(1):14

Assessing emergency obstetric and newborn care: can performance indicators capture health system weaknesses?

 Solnes Miltenburg, Andrea ; Kiritta, Richard Forget ; Bishanga, Thabea Benedicto ; Van Roosmalen, Jos ; Stekelenburg, Jelle;

BMC pregnancy and childbirth, 20 March 2017, Vol.17(1), pp.92


Maternity care and Human Rights: what do women think?

Solnes Miltenburg, Andrea ; Lambermon, Fleur ; Hamelink, Cees ; Meguid, Tarek;

BMC international health and human rights, 02 July 2016, Vol.16(1), pp.17

Too poor to live? A case study of vulnerability and maternal mortality in Burkina Faso

Storeng, Katerini ; Drabo, Seydou ; Filippi, Véronique;

Global health promotion, 20130600, Vol.20, pp.33-38

Global malaria mortality between 1980 and 2010: a systematic analysis

Murray , Christopher Jl ; Rosenfeld , Lisa C ; Lim , Stephen S ; Andrews , Kathryn G ; Foreman , Kyle J ; Haring , Diana ; Fullman , Nancy ; Naghavi , Mohsen ; Lozano , Rafael ; Lopez , Alan D;

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Changes in the burden of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa

O'Meara, WP ; Mangeni, Jn ; Steketee, R ; Greenwood, B;

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Global epidemiology of tuberculosis

Glaziou, Philippe ; Sismanidis, Charalambos ; Floyd, Katherine ; Raviglione, Mario;

Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in medicine, 30 October 2014, Vol.5(2), pp.a017798

Stopping tuberculosis in the 21st century: Goals and strategies.(Report)

Onozaki, Ikushi ; Raviglione, Mario;

Respirology, Jan, 2010, Vol.15(1), p.32(12)

Multidrug resistant to extensively drug resistant tuberculosis: What is next?

Jain, A. ; Dixit, P.;

Journal of Biosciences, November 2008, Vol.33(4), pp.605-616

Global action on social determinants of health.(Editorials)

Marmot, Michael;

Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Oct, 2011, Vol.89(10), p.702(1)

Commentary: Global action on social determinants of health

Labonté, Ronald;

Journal of Public Health Policy, 2012, Vol.33(2), pp.139-147

Globalisation and health inequalities: can a human rights paradigm create space for civil society action?

London, Leslie ; Schneider, Helen;

Social science & medicine (1982), January 2012, Vol.74(1), pp.6-13


Friedman, Ea ; Gostin, Lo ; Buse, K;

Health And Human Rights, 2013 Jun, Vol.15(1), pp.71-86

Human rights in health systems frameworks: what is there, what is missing and why does it matter?

Gruskin, Sofia ; Ahmed, Shahira ; Bogecho, Dina ; Ferguson, Laura ; Hanefeld, Johanna ; Maccarthy, Sarah ; Raad, Zyde ; Steiner, Riley;

Global public health, 2012, Vol.7(4), pp.337-51

Building of the global movement for health equity: from Santiago to Rio and beyond.

Marmot, M ; Allen, J ; Bell, R ; Goldblatt, P; 2012
Lancet , 379 (9811) 181 - 188. (2012)

Neglected Tropical Diseases 3: Mapping, monitoring, and surveillance of neglected tropical diseases: towards a policy framework

Baker, M ; Mathieu, E ; Fleming, F ; Deming, M ; King, J ; Garba, A ; Koroma, J ; Bockarie, M ; Kabore, A ; Sankara, D ; Molyneux, D;

The Lancet, Jan 16-Jan 22, 2010, Vol.375(9710), pp.231-8

The global burden of neglected tropical diseases

Fenwick, A.;

Public Health, March 2012, Vol.126(3), pp.233-236

Global Health: Neglected Diseases and Access to Medicines

Garg, Nisha Jain;

Infectious Disease Clinics of North America, 2011, Vol.25(3), pp.639-651

Maternal and child undernutrition: an urgent opportunity

Horton, R.;

The Lancet, 2008, Vol.371(9608), p.179

Prevalence and trends of stunting among pre-school children, 1990-2020

De Onis, Mercedes ; Blössner, Monika ; Borghi, Elaine;

Public health nutrition, January 2012, Vol.15(1), pp.142-8

Global prevalence and trends of overweight and obesity among preschool children

De Onis , Mercedes ; Blössner , Monika ; Borghi , Elaine;

American journal of clinical nutrition, 2010, Vol.92(5), pp.1257-1264

Week 3 – reading material will be handed out in class

Week 4

Global, regional, and national incidence, prevalence, and years lived with disability for 310 diseases and injuries, 1990-2015: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2015

Vos T, Allen C, Arora M, Barber RM, Bhutta ZA, Brown A, et al. The Lancet. 2016 Oct 8;388(10053):1545–602.

Time for mental health to come out of the shadows

Kleinman, Arthur ; Estrin, Georgia Lockwood ; Usmani, Shamaila ; Chisholm, Dan ; Marquez, Patricio V ; Evans, Tim G ; Saxena, Shekhar;

The Lancet, 4-10 June 2016, Vol.387(10035), pp.2274-2275

Sustainable development and global mental health—a Lancet Commission

Patel, Vikram ; Saxena, Shekhar ; Frankish, Helen ; Boyce, Niall;

The Lancet, 19-25 March 2016, Vol.387(10024), pp.1143-1145

Global Mental Health 6 Human rights violations of people with mental and psychosocial disabilities: an unresolved global crisis

Drew, N ; Funk, M ; Tang, S ; Lamichhane, J ; Chavez, E ; Katontoka, S ; Pathare, S ; Lewis, O ; Gostin, L ; Saraceno, B;

Lancet, 2011 Nov 5, Vol.378(9803), pp.1664-1675

Priority actions for the non-communicable disease crisis

Beaglehole, Robert ; Bonita, Ruth ; Horton, Richard ; Adams, Cary ; Alleyne, George ; Asaria, Perviz ; Baugh, Vanessa ; Bekedam, Henk ; Billo, Nils ; Casswell, Sally ; Cecchini, Michele ; Colagiuri, Ruth ; Colagiuri, Stephen ; Collins, Tea ; Ebrahim, Shah ; Engelgau, Michael ; Galea, Gauden ; Gaziano, Thomas ; Geneau, Robert ; Haines, Andy ; Hospedales, James ; Jha, Prabhat ; Keeling, Ann ; Leeder, Stephen ; Lincoln, Paul ; Mckee, Martin ; Mackay, Judith ; Magnusson, Roger ; Moodie, Rob ; Mwatsama, Modi ; Nishtar, Sania ; Norrving, Bo ; Patterson, David ; Piot, Peter ; Ralston, Johanna ; Rani, Manju ; Reddy, K Srinath ; Sassi, Franco ; Sheron, Nick ; Stuckler, David ; Suh, Il ; Torode, Julie ; Varghese, Cherian ; Watt, Judith;

The Lancet, 2011, Vol.377(9775), pp.1438-1447

Evaluation of community-based interventions for non-communicable diseases: experiences from India and Indonesia

Krishnan, A ; Ekowati, R ; Baridalyne, N ; Kusumawardani, N ; Suhardi, S K ; Kapoor, J ; Leowski, J;

Health promotion international, September 2011, Vol.26(3), pp.276-89

A socio-biological explanation for social disparities in non-communicable chronic diseases: the product of history?(Report)

Schooling, C. M. ; Leung, G. M.;

Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, Nov, 2010, Vol.64(11), p.941(9)

Cohort studies around the world: Methodologies, research questions and integration to address the emerging global epidemic of chronic diseases

Nair, H. ; Shu, X.-O. ; Volmink, J. ; Romieu, I. ; Spiegelman, D.;

Public Health, March 2012, Vol.126(3), pp.202-205

Research on health transition in Africa: time for action.(Commentary)(Report)

Maher, Dermot ; Sekajugo, James;

Health Research Policy and Systems, Jan 28, 2011, Vol.9, p.5

Evidence for fetal programming of obesity with a focus on putative mechanisms

Wild , S.H. ; Byrne , C.D.;

Nutrition research reviews, 2004, Vol.17(2), pp.153-162

Familial (shared environmental and genetic) factors and the foetal origins of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes: a review of the literature

Bergvall, N. ; Cnattingius, S.

The Hyperglycemia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome (HAPO) study: paving the way for new diagnostic criteria for gestational diabetes mellitus

Coustan, Donald R. ; Lowe, Lynn P. ; Metzger, Boyd E. ; Dyer, Alan R.;

American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2010, Vol.202(6), pp.654.e1-654.e6

A systematic review of interventions for Hispanic women with or at risk of Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM)

Carolan-Olah, M ; Duarte-Gardea, M ; Lechuga, J;

Sexual & Reproductive Healthcare, 2017 Oct, Vol.13, pp.14-22

Gestational diabetes mellitus among women born in South East Asia: A review of the evidence

Carolan, M;

Midwifery, 2013 Sep, Vol.29(9), pp.1019-1026

Gestational diabetes and pregnancy outcomes--a systematic review of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Association of Diabetes in Pregnancy Study Groups (IADPSG) diagnostic criteria

Wendland, Eliana M ; Torloni, Maria Regina ; Falavigna, Maicon ; Trujillo, Janet ; Dode, Maria Alice ; Campos, Maria Amélia ; Duncan, Bruce B ; Schmidt, Maria Inês;

BMC pregnancy and childbirth, 31 March 2012, Vol.12, pp.23

Offspring Birth Weight and Cardiovascular Risk in Parents—A Population-based HUNT 2 Study

Myklestad, Kirsti ; Vatten, Lars Johan ; Magnussen, Elisabeth Balstad ; Salvesen, Kjell Åsmund ; Smith, George Davey ; Romundstad, Pål Richard;

American Journal of Epidemiology, 2012, Vol. 175(6), pp.546-555

Cohort Profile: the HUNT Study, Norway

Krokstad, S ; Langhammer, A ; Hveem, K ; Holmen, T L ; Midthjell, K ; Stene, T R ; Bratberg, G ; Heggland, J ; Holmen, J;

International journal of epidemiology, August 2013, Vol.42(4), pp.968-77

Neonatal anthropometry: the thin–fat Indian baby. The Pune Maternal Nutrition Study

Yajnik , C.S. ; Fall , C.H.D. ; Coyaji , K.J. ; Hirve , S.S. ; Rao , S. ; Barker , D.J.P. ; Joglekar , C. ; Kellingray , S.;

International journal of obesity, 2003, Vol.27(2), pp.173-180

Not at all so hard-to-reach: same-sex attracted men in Dar es Salaam

Moen, Kåre ; Aggleton, Peter ; Leshabari, Melkizedeck T ; Middelthon, Anne-Lise;

Culture, health & sexuality, 2012, Vol.14(2), pp.195-208

Situating Condoms in Sexual Lives: Experiences of Same-sex-Attracted men in Tanzania

Moen, Kåre ; Aggleton, Peter ; Leshabari, Melkizedeck T. ; Middelthon, Anne-Lise;

International Journal of Sexual Health, 07/2013, Vol.25(3), pp.185-197

Ethics, human rights and HIV vaccine trials in low-income settings: Table 1

London, Leslie ; Kagee, Ashraf ; Moodley, Keymanthri ; Swartz, Leslie;

Journal of Medical Ethics, 05/2012, Vol.38(5), pp.286-293

A Test of Governance": rights-based struggles and the politics of HIV/AIDS policy in South Africa

Jones, Peris S.;

Political Geography, 2005, Vol.24(4), pp.419-447

Global cancer prevention: An important pathway to global health and development

Beaglehole, R. ; Bonita, R. ; Magnusson, R.;

Public Health, 2011, Vol.125(12), pp.821-831

Week 5

2016 The Lancet Series – several articles on child health

Early child development programmes: further evidence for action

Black, Maureen M ; Hurley, Kristen M;

The Lancet Global Health, August 2016, Vol.4(8), pp.e505-e506

Early childhood development and the social determinants of health inequities

Moore, Timothy G ; Mcdonald, Myfanwy ; Carlon, Leanne ; O'Rourke, Kerryn;

Health Promotion International, 2015, Vol. 30(suppl2), pp.ii102-ii115

Integrating nutrition and child development interventions: scientific basis, evidence of impact, and implementation considerations

Black, Maureen M ; Pérez-Escamilla, Rafael ; Rao, Sylvia Fernandez;

Advances in nutrition (Bethesda, Md.), November 2015, Vol.6(6), pp.852-9

Reducing neonatal mortality in resource poor settings: What works is now clearer but implementation is a challenge

Dickson, Kim Eva ; Chopra, Mickey;

BMJ: British Medical Journal, 21 April 2012, Vol.344(7853), pp.8-8

Issue attention in global health: the case of newborn survival

Shiffman, Jeremy;

The Lancet, 2010, Vol.375(9730), pp.2045-2049

Stillbirths 3: Stillbirths: what difference can we make and at what cost?

Bhutta, Zulfiqar ; Yakoob, Mohammad ; Lawn, Joy ; Rizvi, Arjumand ; Friberg, Ingrid ; Weissman, Eva ; Buchmann, Eckhart ; Goldenberg, Robert;; Goldenberg, Robert (corporate/institutional author)

Stillbirths 4: Stillbirths: how can health systems deliver for mothers and babies?

Pattinson, Robert ; Kerber, Kate ; Buchmann, Eckhart ; Friberg, Ingrid ; Belizan, Maria ; Lansky, Sonia ; Weissman, Eva ; Mathai, Matthews ; Rudan, Igor ; Walker, Neff ; Lawn, Joy;; Lawn, Joy (corporate/institutional author);

The Lancet, May 7-May 13, 2011, Vol.377(9777), pp.1610-23

Antibacterial resistance

Ang, Jocelyn ; Ezike, Elias ; Asmar, Basim;

The Indian Journal of Pediatrics, 2004, Vol.71(3), pp.229-239

Clinical relevance of the ESKAPE pathogens

Pendleton, J.N. ; Gorman, S.P. ; Gilmore, B.F.;

Expert Review of Anti-Infective Therapy, 2013, Vol.11(3), pp.297-308

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