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Syllabus/achievement requirements

Required reading - several chapters/ sections of books

1. BÅRD A. ANDREASSEN AND STEPHEN P. MARKS (eds.). Development as a Human Rights. A Nobel Symposium Book. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2006. The following chapters [207 pp]:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Sen. Human Rights and Development
  • Chapter 2: Sengupta, The Human Right to Development
  • Chapter 3: Kirkemann Hansen/Sano, The Implications and Values Added of RBA
  • Chapter 4: Marks, Obligations to Implement the Right to Development
  • Chapter 5: Beetham, The Right to Development and Its Corresponding Obligations
  • Chapter 7: Andreassen, Development and Human Rights Responsibilities of Non-state Actors
  • Chapter 10: Malhotra: Towards Implementing the Right to development: A Framework for Indicators and Monitoring Methods
  • Chapter 12: Osmani: Globalization and the Right to Development: Background and Progress
  • Chapter 13: Scheinin: Advocating the Right to Development Through Complaint Procedures Under Human Rights Treaties
  • Chapter 14: Skogly: The Role of International Financial Institutions in a Rights-based Approach to the Process of Development

2. DAN BANIK (ed). Poverty, Politics and Development. Oslo: Fagbokforlaget, 2006. [92 pp]

  • Chapter 1 Banik, Introduction
  • Chapter 2 B. Bull, Development Theory Revisited
  • Chapter 3 Banik, Democracy, Development and Poverty: Past Experiences andFuture Prospects
  • Chapter 13 Andreassen, The Human Rights and Development Nexus: From Rights Talk to Rights Practices

3. AMARTYA SEN. Development as Freedom. New York: Anchor Books (1999). [109 pp.]

  • Introduction and chapters 1-4.

4. HENRY SHUE. Basic Rights. Subsistence, Affluence and US Foreign Policy. Princeton: Princeton University Press (2nd ed., 2000). [142 pp.]

  • Chapter 1-3.

Required readings: Chapters and articles in compendium

The compilation of text (compendium) can be bought in the bookstore Gnist Akademika (at the Law Faculty)

1. ALSTON, PHILIP, “Ships Passing in the Night: The Current State of the Human Rights and Development Debate seen through the Lens of the Millennium Development Goals” in Human Rights Quarterly, Volume 27, 3 (2005). [75 pp.]

2. BROWER, MARJOLEIN, HEATHER GRADY, VALERIE TRAORE AND DEREJE WORDOFA. “The Experience of Oxfam International and its affiliates in rights-based programming and campaigning.” In GREADY, PAUL AND JONATHAN ENSOR (eds.). 2005. [15 pp]

3. EKERN, STENER. “Visions of the Right Order: Contrast between Communitarian Law in Guatemala and International Human Rights Law. In Lone Lindholt and Steen Schaumberg-Muller (eds.), Human Rights in Development: Local/Living Law. Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2005. [25 pp.]

4. GREADY, PAUL AND JONATHAN ENSOR (eds.). Reinventing Development? Translating Rights-based Approaches from theory into practice. London: Zed Books, 2005. [46 pp]

5. IKDAHL, INGUNN, ANNE HELLUM, TOR A. BENJAMINSEN, RANDI KAARHUS AND PATRICIA KAMERI-MBOTE. Human Rights, Formalisation and Women’s Land Rights in Southern and Eastern Africa. In Studies in Women’s Law no. 57. University of Oslo, 2005. Pp. 14-46 [32 pp]

6. HOWARD-HASSERMAN, RHODA, “The Second Grand Transformation: Human Rights Leapfrogging in the era of Globalization” in Human Rights Quarterly, Vol 27, No. 1 (2005). [40 pp]

7. Office of the UN Commissioner of Human Rights Principles and Guidelines for a Human Rights Approach to Poverty Reduction Strategies. Unpublished (2002). Pp. 1-49. [49 pp.]

8. JONES, ANDREW. “The case of CARE International in Rwanda”. In GREADY, PAUL AND JONATHAN ENSOR (eds.). 2005. [19 pp]

9. JONSSON, URBAN. “A human rights-based approach to programming”, in Gready and Ensor (eds.), 2005. [16 pp]

10. OKILLE, PAMELA ACHANUT. “Rights in practice – assessing the impact of rights-based training in Uganda.” In GREADY, PAUL AND JONATHAN ENSOR (eds.). 2005. [9 pp]

11. STIGLITZ, JOSEPH: Globalisation and its Discontents, London, New York: Penguin Books, 2002, Ch. 3 (Freedom to Choose?). [35 pp.]

Total: 911 pages

Additional reading (recommended)

ANDREASSEN, BÅRD ANDERS “Development, Capabilities, Rights: What is New About the Right to Development and a Rights Approach to Development? In Morten Bergsmo (ed.), Human Rights and Criminal Justice for the Downtrodden: Essays in Honour of Asbjørn Eide. Leiden/Boston: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers (2003). [23 pp.]

ARCE, ALBERTO AND NORMAN LONG "Bridging Two Worlds: An Ethnography of Bureaucrat-peasant Relations in Western Mexico.” In Mark Hobart (ed.), An Anthropological Critique of Development: The Growth of Ignorance. London: Routledge (1993). Pp. 179-208. [29 pp.]

BEITZ, CHARLES Political Theory and International Relations. Princeton University Press (1979). Part Three (“International Distributive Justice”) and Conclusion. [60 pp.]

GRILLO, R.D. “Discourses of Development: The View from Anthropology.” In R.D. Grillo and R.L. Stirrat (eds.), Discourses of Development: Anthropological Perspectives. Oxford: Berg Publishers (1997). Pp. 1-33. [32 pp.]

HANN, CHRIS “Introduction: Political Sociology and Civil Anthropology.” In Chris Hann and Elizabeth Dunn (eds.), Civil Society: Challenging Western Models. London: Routledge (1996). Pp. 1-26. [25 pp.]

LEYS, COLIN. The Rise & Fall of Development Theory. Oxford: James Currey, Ltd. (1996). Pp. 3-44. [42 pp.]

MOENE, KARL OVE & MICHAEL WALERSTEIN Social Democracy as a Development Strategy. Unpublished (2002). Pp. 1-29. [29 pp.]

MOSSE, DAVID “The Ideology and Politics of Community Participation: Tank Irrigation Development in Colonial and Contemporary Tamil Nadu.” In R.D. Grillo and R.L. Stirrat (eds.), Discourses of Development: Anthropological Perspectives. Oxford: Berg Publishers (1997). Pp. 255-291. [36 pp.]

RABO, ANNIKA “Gender, State and Civil Society in Jordan and Syria. In Chris Hann and Elizabeth Dunn (eds.), Civil society. Challenging Western Models. London: Routledge (1996). Pp. 155-177. [22 pp.]

SENGUPTA, ARJUN K. Third Report of the Independent Expert on the Right to Development. UN Doc. E/CN.4/1999/WG.18.2. [21 pp.]


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